D-I-H - Music and lyrics

Firstly: Three new singles  are ready to fly and out in the streaming world in 2022.
The third single is "Mr. Institution with release 2022-jun-10.
The second single is "Boozed Mindblind”  with release 2022-apr-22.
The first single is "Broken Chain”  with release 2022-mar-4.
Are the three singles in the same style and an outright follow-up to the album "Det I Hører", which has been available on stream and CD  since 2019-jun-26?
NOPE, it's a completely different style, and you can expect English lyrics, more rock guitar, more kapow on the drums and more baaam on vocals, bass and keyboards - hang on - it is Rock.

Are the three new tracks a trilogy? Maybe they are, and if they are, then they are a trilogy of abuse on different levels - love, intoxication and power - Triabuseology  .
Trilogy or not, there will be three types of D-I-H in the future:

1. "D-I-H Solo": D-I-H who with his guitar and vocal performs solo in the style ..

2. “D-I-H Folk”: D-I-H who with band plays folk / rock songs in the style ..

3. "D-I-H Rock": D-I-H with band playing tracks with the touch of rock/progressive/light-metal – initially in English but perhaps later in Danish – more about that later in 2022  .

Secondly: Why all the hassle of writing, recording, publishing and performing songs?

The dry and boring from Gyldendal Den Store Danske: The word “music” is derived from Greek and means “the art of the muses”, originally used about all art forms associated with the muses, cf. the adjective “musical”.

Music has always played a big role in my life, and I have heard music in many ways over the years: basis for dance, intense listening to virtuosos, intense listening to great poets, background in cozy social gatherings, cool concerts, background in romantic moments etc. etc.

Well, one thing is to hear music, another thing is to exercise music. The need to practice music I have had ever since I at 10 years old got my first Spanish guitar. This has brought a lot: guitarist in many bands and in many contexts over the years, concerts at small venues, medium-sized venues and quite large venues – especially as a guitarist/songwriter in the Odense-based band Avenor.

The muses have (and still do) circled around me, and lyrics, melodies and accompaniments have been written down and recorded and evaluated and re-evaluated and rewritten and re-evaluated. Releasewise it initially in 2019 resulted in 11 songs in danish in a genre that I would probably describe as folk/rock, and now in 2022 it resulted in three rock songs in english.

Then again: Why? I simply can not help it. Music gives rhythm, life, joy and dance etc., and the lyrics provide unity, thoughtfulness, thoughtfulness and basis for reflection etc., and finally the creative process creates an absolutely fantastic state of mind - maybe even a little bit of happiness, and it is worth striving for.


Profile photo by: Silas Risbjerg Terkelsen